I’m a Geek Not a Nerd

Posted by Matt Lane on April 14th, 2008 filed in Blurbs, Computer

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  1. Todd (NetWrkGamr) Says:

    A-Men Brother!
    I to and a fellow Geek not Nerd. Even have a web site and podcast to prove it. All be it I am behind on the site and the podcast. All of the above mentioned items apply to me as well.
    I work in IT, stair at computer monitors all day. Then go home and stair at them some more. But you did beat me by 4 workstations. I only have 6 workstations and 2 servers. And use Skype for my family phone service.

    Keep up the good work.

    My Moto:
    Games, Tech, and Whatever

    Site: GeekNotNerd.com
    ITunes: Geek Not Nerd
    LOTRO: Kiliosus

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  3. admin Says:

    Hey Todd thanks for the comments! I’ll check out your podcast. Yeah I need to get more into Skype…right now I only use it for overseas calls.

  4. Monnifer Says:

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

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