Handing Out Bibles

Posted by Matt Lane on January 7th, 2008 filed in Bible, Blurbs


I love these New Testaments Melissa Grand Rapids Pressmessageneighbors


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  1. ESV Bible Blog Says:

    Outreach New Testament Story…

    The blogger at Making a Splash writes about handing out ESV Outreach New Testaments:
    I love these New Testaments because they are only 50 cents and they are very well done. They have a great plan of salvation in them as well as reading plans and the us…

  2. kathy Says:


    I was wondering if you needed any help in the Kalamazoo, Mi area. My chidren and I would love to do what you are doing. I was handed a little bible when I was in High School and knew nothing of God but knew that that Bible was special. I knew God was trying to reach me then…..he finally got me! I cherished that little bible and would like to help others have that same gift that I received back then.


  3. Reugginaiva Says:

    where did you read this?

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