I really hate chick flicks

Posted by Matt Lane on October 12th, 2008 filed in Blurbs, Christian Living, family



5 Responses to “I really hate chick flicks”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I’m very happy that Sarah shares my hatred of chick flicks. We have only seen a few over the years, most recently at Charles and Tiffany’s. I think Charles likes them.

  2. Sarah Says:


    [i liked the comment about how Christian movies suck. they really do.]

    also liked the quote Jeff put on his blog.
    very nice.

  3. Matt Tennison Says:

    Thanks for the recommend. I think it’s out of theaters now, but I’ll definitely check out the dvd rental (and possible purchase).

  4. admin Says:

    Jeff – Yep, Melissa isn’t it to them either…thank goodness!

    Sarah – Thanks!

    Matt – You’re welcome! It’s worth seeing for sure.

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